date: 6/06/2023
lake temp: 91.4°


Jerdone Island is one of Lake Anna, Virginia's premiere lake communities.

Sit back. Relax. You're Home.

About Jerdone Island

Located in Central Virginia, Jerdone Island is one of Lake Anna's best-kept secrets. With access to the warm waters of the lake, make the move to the best spot in Virginia.

With more than 100 lots and a central location on the private side of the lake, Jerdone Island represents the best of what Lake Anna living has to offer.

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The Board of Directors

At Jerdone Island, the Board of Directors works to maintain and improve the community through policy creation and improvement of the areas that matter most to Jerdone Island residents and property owners.

JIA Members are encouraged to submit their input to the BOD for improvements to the community.

Your 2022-23 Jerdone Island Association
Board Members and Committee Chairs:

Position Name Member Type Contact Information
President Cindy Morrell Board of Directors Email Cindy Morrell
Vice President Andrew Oman Board of Directors Email Andrew Oman
Treasurer David Brusick Board of Directors Email David Brusick
Secretary Carol DeZorzi Board of Directors Email Carol DeZorzi
Member-at-Large Ashley Madison Board of Directors Email Ashley Madison
Architectural Review Beth Oman Committee Chair Email Beth Oman
Grounds Maintenance Tom DeZorzi Committee Chair Email Tom DeZorzi
Take a moment to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

We look forward to seeing you at the Lake.

Common Area Keys and Boat Slips

If you are interested in leasing a boat slip, or obtaining a new or replacement Common Area Gate Key, contact Cindy Morrell using the button below.

Request Slip and/or Key Information
Join the Cart Club!
Sunsets at the docks are beautiful!
Kayak on a quiet morning
Don't forget to pet the ducks!
Stunning Sunsets
Just have a nice float!

Questions? Contact the Board.

The Board of Directors are always ready to assist current and future residents of Jerdone Island. You should hear back from someone within a day or two.