date: 7/18/2024
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Dues and Fees

Jerdone Island Association members receive an invoice for their annual dues each winter. Checks may be mailed to the address listed on the invoice.

For owners or agents requesting a POA packet, contact the Board at

Annual HOA Dues (Per Lot) - $250.00

Questions? Email The Board

The Jerdone Island Association uses your annual dues for community maintenance and improvement.  Your itemized invoice from the Jerdone Island Association Board outlines the total charges that are due for your property.  If you have questions about your annual membership fee, contact the board.

Annual Boat Slip Lease Fee (Per Slip) - $200.00

Questions? Email The Board

The Boat Slip Lease fee serves as a renewal for your annual boast slip lease with the Jerdone Island Association.  If you have any questions about your Boat Slip Lease Fee, contact the board.

POA Packet - $100.00

Questions? Email The Board

When becoming a property owner at Jerdone Island or purchasing a home in our community, a POA packet must be purchased from the association.  This packet includes all relevant information about the Association and essential documentation.  If you have questions about the POA packet or fee, contact the board.

Pay with Zelle - $

Questions? Email The Board

NEW PAYMENT OPTION  Pay your dues using Zelle coming this year ! More information coming soon...

Questions? Contact the Board.

The Board of Directors are always ready to assist current and future residents of Jerdone Island. You should hear back from someone within a day or two.