date: 6/13/2024
lake temp: 95.2°

Jerdone Island in Pictures

We love to have fun on the island. Check out our gallery below to see some of the fun things that happen at Jerdone Island!

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Jump into fun on the island!
It's a great place to watch sunsets!
Common Area Gazebo
The Gazebo
Sit, relax, and enjoy!
Bulkhead parking for golf carts
Spectacular Sunsets!
HAPPY 4th of JULY... UNofficial 'best boat'
Oh, the traffic... HONK HONK!
Early morning kayaking.
Have a float with your neighbors!
Blue Moon!
Big fish to find!

Questions? Contact the Board.

The Board of Directors are always ready to assist current and future residents of Jerdone Island. You should hear back from someone within a day or two.